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Author: Prospectacy Business Services Team

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Cyprus Golden Visa Citizenship Program Explained

Situated south of Turkey, the Republic of Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is a part of the Asian continent yet politically a country of the European region.  The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia with the official languages being Greek/Turkish with English spoken around as well. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, and wine regions etc. giving people more and more reasons as to wanting to become a citizen of this island of paradise. Apart from the beauty of the land, the safety of the country is also another major plus point in wanting to have a permanent life here. The most highlighting reason as to why people seek citizenship in Cyprus is due to it being the only country in Europe that provides immediate citizenship through investments in real estate requiring only six months receiving citizenship. Investing in real estate in Portugal via application is also possible in receiving citizenship, but this will be secured after 6 years. Receiving a golden visa can be achieved in one of the two methods. Method 1; Cyprus citizenship by investment, Method 2; Cyprus permanent residence program

Method 1 – Through an investment program, Cyprus offers an assured route to European citizenship including a second passport to Cyprus citizenship. In order to get access to this type of golden visa an investment of €2.0 million in real estate should be made. The citizenship will be offered in a matter of 6 months. Not only does the applicant become an EU citizen but also has the freedom to work, study, travel and live anywhere within the EU in countries such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. It also gives the applicant the chance for a Cyprus company formation and carry out his/her business. The investment is said to be minimized to €500,000 after around 3 years.

Method 2 – Citizenship can be granted through investments made in real estate. Just a matter of €300,000 needed to be invested to gain residency permit. This is considered to be one of the most easiest and fast visa programs in the European region. It is granted within 2 months giving access for the whole family including parents of the applicant, spouse and children up to the age of 25. This is valid for life and can be passed down to the individuals inheriting one’s possessions.


How to Obtain Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the easiest countries for you to obtain a citizenship. This is because the government will be willing to offer you citizenship if you are willing to invest for the betterment of the country. The country also provides a lot of benefits for the investors in the country. This is done so that they will bring a lot of investment towards the country. There are many benefits like visa free accesses to 159 countries, go to any European country you want, there are many holiday resorts there at Cyprus and the Cyprus passport is one of the world’s most powerful passports.

There are a few requirements that you should fulfill in order to get a passport in Cyprus. There are many people who try to apply for a citizenship in Cyprus day by day the numbers keep increasing. The basic requirements for the Cyprus citizenship by investment are that you should have no criminal history which is of utmost importance and the government will check for this thoroughly.

Then the applicant is able to select the investment option he likes from the many options. The minimum investment option available in Cyprus is 2 million euros is a the most needed criteria in order to get the citizenship. The investment options the person has to choose from are in real estate, infrastructure projects and land development. The next investment option that the applicant has is on purchasing, participation or creating business or companies in Cyprus. Here the person has to have evidence that the business is present in Cyprus and a compulsory change of shares from deposits is there in the criteria of this option. It is also possible to invest in AIFs (alternative investment funds) or investment in financial assets in Cyprus or investing in CYSEC licensed organizations in order to fulfill the criteria needed to get the Cyprus citizenship. Combination of the above investment options is also possible in order to get the criteria that is needed to be fulfill to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus.

The investment that the applicant does has to be in the country for a minimum of 3 years in order to get the citizenship of the country. The other requirement that has to be met is that the applicant should have a permeant residence in Cyprus of minimum value of 500,000 euros and if an investment is done for a property this requirement is not needed.

What is citizenship by investment & what benefits you may have from it

There are indeed a whole great amount of benefits which the republic of Cyprus can surely assure you with by putting a step forward in to a beneficial investment. Through Cyprus citizenship by investment you would proudly be offered with two golden visa opportunities which is one for your permanent residency and the other for your amazing citizenship. As many countries are not efficient and attentive towards these procedures, it is different from Cyprus as these procedures are lenient, fast and efficient. Residency visa will be granted in a short period of just two months and it is also covered for the whole family. This incredible citizenship investment is the fastest and most assured route to European citizenship which is an awesome advantage for all of us. And of course through the European citizenship you would not have any fear of survival on earth since you would be benefitting a lot more than you could ever imagine , benefits towards employment,  safety , residential , international mobility , tax options and  many other more benefits are ready to be received on your arms. The tax options in the republic of Cyprus is a great recommendable system which allows investors a great deal of reliefs which could give them an ease at life to settle down calm and peaceful. Running down through the benefits of Cyprus citizenship by investment you would also receive the second European passport in a short period of just six months or lesser. Think about investing and I’m sure Cyprus would be the exact place your wondering or maybe thinking what kind of benefits you would gain or not and whether it would be worthwhile or not. Investors who start up for exports and imports would also benefit a joy of receiving shipping cost benefits as the republic of Cyprus shipping registry is one of the world’s well known and largest in the European union. I am sure you would have understood the major benefits of investing in Cyprus which is why many of your friends are now moved away from your homeland. Well, if you possess of any idea regarding an investment to be done, with no doubt the investment in Cyprus would not put any doubts in your life but show you the benefits of the smart move you made for you and your family to cherish.


What Requirements You Need to Fulfill to Acquire Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus

Cyprus is a country which is a part of the European Union and therefore is one of the major countries that has been receiving applications to get citizenships. This is mainly because the passport of Cyrus is one of the most powerful passports in the world. The reason for this is that the Cyprus passport entitles the holder to visa free accesses to over 159 countries. It will also give the person the privilege to enter any of the European countries. So the application for citizenship in Cyprus is very strict and thorough.

The easiest method to apply for citizenship in Cyprus is the method where the applicant invests in the economy of Cyprus. This is the easiest and fast track processes that will get you the citizenship in Cyprus. However, there are a few basic requirements that the applicant must fulfill in order to get the citizenship in Cyprus. The initial and basic is that the applicant should have a clean criminal record and this point will be checked thoroughly by the government of Cyprus. In the investment option the applicant should invest in a business which is basically 2 million euros. This is one of the most important criteria in order to get the citizenship.

There are many investment option that the applicant can apply for within Cyprus. There are investment options that will require the presence of a physical business in Cyprus or you can apply thorough a property that is worth more than 500,000 euros. The most common investment option available in Cyprus is real estate, land development and infrastructure projects. This is because there are many ongoing projects in the country for infrastructure development and it is one of the main areas that needs funding. Then there is the option of investment in alternative investment funds (AIFs), financial assets or organization license in Cyprus. It is also possible to take part in Cyprus businesses or companies that are popular for buying and selling where you are able to take part in an existing business, create a new one or purchase and existing business that is in Cyprus. It is also possible for you to invest in a combination of businesses in Cyprus which will create a total of 2 million euros in order to apply for the citizenship of the country. These are the basic criteria that the applicant needs to fulfil in order to apply for Cyprus citizenship by investment.


Why Cyprus is the Best Route to EU Citizenship

The government of Cyprus is offering Cypriot citizenship (European Union citizenship) for investors who significantly impact its country’s economic development. The island of Cyprus is strategically located in the Mediterranean Sea, at the junction of crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe. The main advantage of this citizenship programme is that gives investors permanent residency to live indefinitely and imposes no travel restricts and tedious visa requirements otherwise regulated by the European Union.


The citizenship offered by Cyprus grants a person to work, study, and live and in any country belonging to the European Union. The CBI or Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme evaluates persons based on the investment amount prior to granting Cypriot (EU) citizenship to individuals. The government will also look at the profile of the individual – for example, the preferred candidates can include a wide array of persons including investors, international business executives, and public figures. Unlike other citizenship programs, the Cypriot (EU) one does not require the candidates to disclose their source of fund, or go through medical tests or require language proficiency.


Most often, alternate citizenship comes in handy when the person requires international tax planning, and to use as a second home if matters in the present country turn volatile. The first step to obtaining the citizenship is to invest a sum of EUR 30,000 in a Cypriot bank for three years, then, there must be evidence that there is a steady flow of the same amount annually gained from sources external to Cyprus. The residency programme requires the applicant to make a purchase of residential property for the value of EUR 300,000. It’s also noteworthy to be at least 18 years of age and has no prior criminal record.

The hassle-free method for citizenship offered by the Cypriot government can be gained within 60-90 days, unlike other countries this process can take up to years. Investors can choose from two methods, depending on their preference. The first is to invest EUR 2 million in real estate in the country or having a total investment of EUR 2.5 million which can include a personal residence of EUR 500,000 and the remaining can be disbursed through real estate, commercial, or infrastructure development. In either form, the citizenship is safe and does not put the investor’s life at risk. Not only would this amount be beneficial for the government but also works as an asset for the investor.