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Prospectacy Proudly Ranked 2nd in Cyprus Best Workplaces™ 2024

These are the companies distinguished as Cyprus’ Best Workplaces™ 2024 The 20 companies that make up Cyprus’ Best Workplaces™ 2024 have been announced by Great Place To Work® Cyprus with the slogan “Bank of Cyprus Spotlights the Cyprus’ 2024 Best Workplaces™ List by Great Place To Work® “. The list separates the distinguished companies into 3 categories based on […]

How Trademarks Empower Businesses in the Digital Era

Yanna Raevskayia – Head of Legal at Prospectacy LTD In the digital era, registering trademarks is of paramount importance, especially for small businesses and new entrepreneurs, as they play a crucial role in protecting a company’s brand and intellectual property. Registering trademarks is a strategic step for small enterprises and startups to safeguard their brand […]

Prospectacy: An example of equal treatment of its staff

Despite the fact that the principle of equal pay has been institutionalized for decades, the gender gap remains wide, with little improvement in recent years. On average, in the European Union in 2021 women’s gross hourly earnings were 12.7% lower than men’s per hour worked. In Cyprus, this figure rose to 9.7%, however, the country […]

Best Workplaces™ for Women the new institution of Great Place To Work® Cyprus

This is an institution that has been adopted in many countries where Great Place To Work ® is present. The Great Place to Work® institution is being upgraded and developed, with the adoption of Best Workplaces for Women™. This is a new certification that will be received by businesses that meet specific criteria in terms of equality. In particular, candidates to receive […]

How a Cypriot company, Apella Games, beat Apple.

Interview with Yanna Raevskaya, Head of Legal at Prospectacy Ltd who handled the case Apella Games, a Cyprus-based video game development startup, recently won a major commercial battle against global technology behemoth Apple Inc. In an interview with Digital Tree, Yanna Raevskaya, head of the legal department at Prospectacy Ltd, which handled the case, explained the reasons why Apple […]

Apple loses trademark battle that it probably shouldn’t have started

Apple has lost a trademark battle with Cypriot developer Apella Games. Apple claimed that customers would be confused, possibly mixing the two companies up or thinking that they were linked in some way. Apple claimed that Apella Games was visually, phonetically, and conceptually similar, according to a report. But the European Union Intellectual Property Office […]

Cypriot video game company wins trademark battle against Apple

Apple sought to block Apella Games from registering name and logo in the EU Cyprus-based indie gaming company Apella Games has won a major battle against tech giant Apple Inc., which tried to block the startup from registering its name and logo with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), claiming the mark was visually, […]

Prospectacy: Cyprus can emerge as a regional Center of Data and Digital Entrepreneurship

Interview: Vasilis Zertalis – CEO of Prospectacy LTD In which areas of economic activity does Prospectacy emphasize and what do companies demand from professional service providers in Cyprus? Prospectacy is a specialist firm that provides high-level advisory services to businesses and individuals from abroad on personal and corporate taxation, transfer of corporate headquarters, real estate […]

Prospectacy is certified as a Great Place to Work®

The services sector continues to “expand” its presence in the Great Place to Work® community. Prospectacy has successfully completed the evaluation process as a Great Place to Work®, with the results of the Trust Index© personnel survey confirming the high level of the company’s work culture. In a related announcement, the General Manager of Great Place […]

Podcast: Prospectacy brings “permanent tourism” to the island by relocating foreign companies

Vasilis Zertalis – CEO of Prospectacy LTD Opens up about what’s going on at Prospectacy in the podcast talk. How did he face the pandemic and how did he manage to turn the crisis into an opportunity! As Prospectacy said, it promotes “permanent tourism” through the relocation of foreign companies to Cyprus, thereby contributing to […]