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Financial Reporting Services

With Prospectacy on board, you can offload any or all of your accounting functions to your “Virtual Accounting Department.” Customized financial dashboards enable you to constantly monitor and benchmark your performance, so you always know where you stand.


Outsourcing accounting and financial support is a cost-effective way to smooth out financial staffing demands and respond quickly to new developments. Whether you need something as straightforward as bookkeeping or transaction processing or something more demanding such as strategic financial planning or complex enterprise project management, Prospectacy stands ready to help.


Nearly all significant non-US capital markets have adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Prospectacy will help you address potential impacts on your information systems, vendor contracts, tax reporting, incentive compensation arrangements, and benefit plans.


Converting to IFRS has broad implications for your business. Prospectacy IFRS training gets everyone involved up to speed quickly. Typically our training covers the fundamentals of IFRS, but we can also provide more specialized training by entity type, stage, size, or industry.

Preparation of Financial Statements

Prospectacy can help you prepare financial statements in accordance with either GAAP or IFRS standards. We can advise you, help you, educate your staff, or even provide a single, all-encompassing service. Just tell us what you need.

Other Reporting Services

In today’s global market, accountability in multiple formats to multiple institutions is the norm. Our reporting team can help you compile any type of internal or external financial reporting, as well as budgets, customized reports, financial dashboards, forecasts, and more in a variety of different languages.