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Property Management

One of the greatest barriers to building a large investment portfolio is the sheer amount of attention and effort getting the most from each property’s demands!

Prospectacy offers something that many firms in our position do not: detailed, hands-on property management services.

We turn your property portfolio into a simple, hands-off guaranteed income stream for you, allowing you to focus on your life, your business, your retirement, or any other personal priorities without having to pay individual bills, maintain staff, insurance, or any other services to your properties.

No matter in which countries or jurisdictions your properties are located, Prospectacy can handle it all:

  • Finding and vetting tenants

  • Rental, deposit, and other price negotiations

  • Rent collections

  • Utilities and other outgoings management

  • Property maintenance and protection

  • Customer or tenant service

  • Taxes and other fees

  • Regular and up-to-date reports on all properties in your portfolio

  • Arbitration and disputes

In the end, your portfolio should be working for you, not the other way around, and Prospectacy ensures that it does.