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Trust, Inheritance Planning and Family Office Services

Some of the most complicated laws and regulations in the world go into controlling the formation of trusts and estate management structures. What is completely legal and accepted in one jurisdiction may be frowned upon or even illegal in many others. Exercising your rights in this trusts and other structures in an international context becomes even more complicated.

Prospectacy is made up of legal and financial experts in jurisdictions all over the world who not only understand these complexities perfectly, but know how to turn them to our clients’ advantage.

Just a few of our areas of expertise include:

  • Asset protection planning and advice
  • Trust formation, dissolution and control
  • Establishing estate and inheritance structures to minimise tax burden while retaining personal control of your wealth

The advantages of a Cyprus International Trust

Cyprus is nearly unique in its policy covering international trusts. Prospectacy can set up such a trust that can ensure that you (or another beneficiary) retains not just full beneficial interest in a completely protected set of assets, but also iron-clad executive control of those assets. In essence, you retain both the control and benefit of your wealth, but it is protected from creditors.

The benefits enjoyed by those employing Cyprus International Trusts include (so long as certain requirements are met):

  • Exemption from all Cyprus taxes
  • Exemption from estate or inheritance duty
  • Iron-clad confidentiality (except in cases of alleged fraud)
  • Free and unfettered distribution of income
  • No exchange control regulations