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Reasons why Cyprus is the perfect location for Tax Planning

They say the secret to saving your taxes, is knowing something the tax inspector doesn’t know. Cyprus having one of the lowest cooperate tax rates at only 12.5% makes it an ideal location. At Cyprus Company Formation our goal is to help you build those business dreams you have been envisioning. Unlike most other tax companies, we want to help our clients as much as possible, by offering honest and realistic advice. Below will list some reasons why choosing Cyprus to invest in, will be great for you.

Since Cyprus is considerate to have the perfect juristic location in the whole of Europe and forms a limited liability company, due to its very attractive tax system. Cyprus now being a member of the EU, we can offer you one of the lowest tax regimes in Europe. Cyprus is ideal for having assets because it presents the same benefits as a traditional offshore jurisdiction can offer. Full exemption on divided income, no capital gain and no withholding tax for dividends paid to non-residents. Cyprus being an established international financial centre, with a net worth of double treaties and further prevalent is an economic and legal infrastructure, plus numerous other advantages.

To start the company off the registrar of companies needs to be consulted to confirm if the name given by the proposed company is acceptable. After the approval of the name, the necessary documentation is prepared and filled out. The documents needed are the memorandum of association, registered address of the directors and secretary, all which is done under our supervision and care, thereby making your workload less and making sure everything goes to plan.

Cyprus also offers clients with personalized packages to suit each individual, making it another reason why many investors prefer us. Assistance is given in finding a company name, certificate of incorporation, memorandum, articles of association, and appointment of the first directors along with anything else the client needs and is expected. The minimum requirement you need to have is a Director, Shareholder and Company Secretary to get started, the rest is detailed along with the consultation

Combined with the many outlets of investment opportunities, the low tax rates and professional services and infrastructure provided, it is not hard to guess why many people look to invest in us. The perfect location, tax treaties and one on one exposure only emphasises why Cyprus is placed amazingly high on the list.

Prospectacy Business Services Team

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