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Prospectacy integrates broad business acumen, industry specific knowledge, specialized practice area experience, and cutting-edge innovation across disciplines.

Prospectacy helps business and their owners achieve the full spectrum of vitality:

Prospectacy helps business and their owners achieve the full spectrum of vitality:

  • Corporate Services
  • Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Legal Services
  • Business Services
  • Investment Services
  • Personal Services
  • Compliance
Our Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services

Prospectacy offers professional corporate services and cost-effective continuous support in a broad range of jurisdictions. We understand how critical it is to have all your orders executed in a timely and professional manner. We make it our business to know your business inside and out. We work closely with our clients, learning their playbooks, market positions, objectives and hot button issues. Whether they’re outsourcing a project or an entire segment of their operations, clients get a seamless extension of their team.

Why Prospectacy

Why Prospectacy

Prospectacy AgilityAGILITY

Prospectacy is a small, nimble firm. Our goal is to fill the service (and client service) gap between limited local providers and expensive global giants. After years working for industry leaders, we’ve brought the best of the big firms –- and left the bureaucracy behind.

Prospectacy AgilityTRUST

At Prospectacy, your business is held in strictest confidence. Our advisers are bound by high standards of ethical conduct, regulated by the world’s largest professional bodies. We operate with discretion, using internal controls to safeguard client identities and sensitive information.

Prospectacy AgilityUNDERSTANDING

We conduct business in the same language as our clients: Greek, English, Russian, Hebrew, and Latvian. Not only do we understand your business, we understand your business culture.

Prospectacy Services

We offer professional corporate services and cost-effective continuous support in a broad range of jurisdictions.

Corporate Services

Cost-effective continuous support in a broad range of jurisdictions.

Financial Reporting

Develop policies and procedures to streamline your accounting process.


Identify risks, tax leakages, etc. and see where strengthening is needed.

Corporate Taxation Services

Continually monitor shifting legislative, regulatory, and precedent trends and developments.

Business Services

We can help you develop an effective financing strategy and determine the optimal capital structure.

Investment Services

Your investment strategy must balance your financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Cyprus Company Formation

Cyprus Company Formation

There are many factors that we should look for before establishing a company in any of the countries in the world. Better tax planning is one of those factors and it affects the companies to a greater extent. When it comes to better tax planning, Cyprus is one of those countries where thousands of businessmen invest their money because of this better tax planning. Therefore, Cyprus Company Formation has become a popular topic on the Internet. Cyprus offers favorable incentives which motivate businessmen around the world to start their companies in Cyprus. Because of all these factors, Cyprus has become the ultimate business centre of the world.

Previously in the past there were two types of companies registered in Cyprus as offshore and local companies and different benefits were given to these two types of companies. But now there is no longer any differentiation in Cyprus company formation among what were known as offshore and local companies registered in Cyprus in the past. Offshore or overseas companies registered in Cyprus accustomed to enjoy a lowered level of business tax at the rate of 4.25%. This is no more the case and the primary rate for corporation tax is now at 12%. Even at 12.5%, this is currently the best rate in Europe, with other tax bonuses in force to be able to bring in foreign investment.

When it comes to forming or establishing a company in Cyprus, there are several steps that you should follow to start it legally. Following are those steps that you have to pass through.

1. Reserve the Company name and get initial approval from the Registrar of companies

A conventional form application for authorization of name is submitted personally or by mail to the One Stop Shop Cyprus. It can also be submitted in electronic format to the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver, via the E-filing website. This will charge EUR 30- which is EUR 10 mandatory and extra EUR 20 for expediting the procedure, which is optional.

2. Prepare the Memorandum and Article of association by a Lawyer

The Registrar of Companies does not have any standard form for the Memorandum and Articles of association. The Companies Law offers a general template appropriate for any kind of activities. It is a statutory necessity to have lawyers prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association, who should also sign the specific declaration. This will take about a day to complete and it will cost about 1000 Euros.

3. Submit documents at the Companies Section of the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver

This will take around two days and it will cost EUR 205 registration fees + 0.6% on the authorized capital + EUR 220 for the certificates.

4. Register at the Tax Department for tax

5. Register at the Tax Department for VAT

6. Register for Social Contribution at the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance

After following these steps you can start your own company in Cyprus and enjoy the benefits given by them. If you already have a company, you have the chance to develop your company further by starting a branch in Cyprus. It is obvious that you can establish a successful business company in this favorable business environment in Cyprus.

Types of Cyprus Company Formation

As explained registering your company in Cyprus will benefit you in many ways especially in better tax planning and incentives both financial and non-financial. Cyprus company formation is an interesting topic and is one of the most demanded and most searched topic on the web reason being the lower tax rates, favorable business environment and higher effectiveness in tax planning. Moreover the financial and business environment of Cyprus is highly favorable for business start-ups and is one of the most attractive destinations for businessmen as latest researches suggest. Moving on it is also important to get a clear understanding on the types of companies registered in the country. Every company formation Cyprus is subject to the Company Law under British Companies Act of 1948. Following are the types of special companies an investor can form in the Cyprus.

Private Company Limited by shares

This type of companies formed in Cyprus restricts public issue of shares and debentures and limits the shareholders to fifty. A single investor can also start a company of this type and this is one of the most famous Company types in the country.

Private Company that is Exempt

This special type of company is formed by a corporation with a different company with a maximum of fifty debenture holders. This type of companies are not subjected to statutory restrictions on loans and directors.

Company Limited by Guarantee

This type of companies in Cyprus are charitable and non-profit companies. The liability of the members of this special type of company is limited to the extent to which that is agreed upon the memorandum of association.

Branch of overseas companies in Cyprus

Any foreign company has the right to open up a branch in the country and is encouraged by the government in an effort to promote foreign direct investments within the country. The company needs to follow the documentation process in Greek and then can start its operation as a branch in Cyprus.

Public Company

This type of company must consist of at least 7 shareholders and 2 directors. The minimum share capital requirement is Euro 25,630 and should be settles before the issue of the trading certificate.