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The reasons to invest in Cyprus

Basically, you can make money from any corner of the planet. All you need is an opportunity and the willingness to exploit it. However, the success of your foreign investment will depend on a large extent on your choice of location. It should be one that offers a conducive environment for your business to prosper. Cyprus is one of such destinations. This small but dynamic island presents not only plenty of opportunities for a Cyprus citizenship by investment but also a favourable business environment.

Obviously, Cyprus is a contemporary business centre. It offers unique opportunities to invest for the residency across a wide range of sectors. In Cyprus, laws and regulations, systems and infrastructures, are enhanced to ensure Cyprus offering a high-quality service. The regulated environment guarantees the best possible experience for investors and business people worldwide.  Cyprus offers an enviable lifestyle in a safe, clean and healthy environment with high living standards. So, the reasons to invest here are considerably authentic. The low crime rate, the sunshine, the tendency towards art and culture, and the delicious food all contribute to a high quality of life. Cyprus is continuously enhancing and developing key economic sectors with structural changes and important reductions in expenses and operational costs. Hence, Cyprus has gained its authority as an attractive investment destination offering numerous opportunities and potential business prosperity.

So, why to invest in Cyprus? As a dynamic business centre, Cyprus owns an abundance of highly educated and skilled individuals, multilingual in their majority, ready to serve the needs of any business. The business system is unique involving enhanced and up-to-date structure. Air and sea transport solutions and services are widely recognized as important competitive advantages in attracting foreign investors. Cyprus holds one of the most strategic crossroads in the world, dominating the intersections of significant intercontinental energy routes. Additionally, Cyprus has a banking system which is well-organized and takes care of the various needs of investors and companies. Compared to other global centres of business, Cyprus has a considerably lower cost of living in the world regarding the quality of life.

Besides, Cyprus is safe due to its low crime rates. The country experiences sunshine throughout the year and hence a favourable place to live while doing business. The island’s strong tendency to art and culture adds to its enviable lifestyle. All these factors, point towards lower stress levels which are known to facilitate success in business.  Cyprus is varied, culturally rich and perfectly positioned for working and traveling purposes. This kind of structure promotes transparency and efficiency in business dealings. The economy is rapidly growing with significant activity in the shipping, tourism, legal and financial services sectors with foreign property and investment values. Since Cyprus is geographically located between three continents, it strengthens its position as a major trading post as well as an advanced international business and services centre. This location allows Cyprus to act as a point of exchange, therefore, offering businesses easier access to new markets.

Prospectacy Business Services Team

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