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Author: Prospectacy Business Services Team

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How to Choose between the Types of Cyprus Company Formation

Forming a limited liability company in Cyprus is very attractive owing to the advantageous tax systems prevalent in the country. Being a member of the European Union, the country offers one of the lowest tax percentages in Europe of 12.5%. The taxation policy is fully compliant with the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), so investors are guaranteed that there are no malpractices. Although the country is relatively smaller, it’s ideal to gain offshore benefits like so many of its counterparts in the region.


Cyprus Company Formation can answer your requirements for international tax planning.  There are many exemptions offered for foreign sources of income, withholding tax on outbound dividends, interests, and royalties. Profits gained from share transaction are also exempt in Cyprus. There are no exchange controls, weak capitalization rules, and no capital gains. The initial step should be to the have the approval of the Registrar of Companies and ensure that the proposed company is accepted. There are many agencies that will help you with the necessary documentation of memorandum of association, articles of incorporation, and other formalities. The first step is to decide on the type of company to form when investing in Cyprus.


The most popular types of companies to form are ‘Branch’, ‘Limited Liability’, and ‘Partnership’. By comparing the three options, you would understand which suits your business requirements. Forming a ‘Branch’ will mean that the foreign party is liable complexly for what is incurred within the Cypriot branch; it is required to be registered with the Registrar of Companies, and have all annual accounts to be filed in Greek. On the other hand, a ‘Limited Liability Company’ does not require a minimum share capital; it should also have a between one and fifty shareholders and an appointed director. All accounts must be audited and filed in Greek. If none of these features appeals to investors, they can also look at forming a ‘Limited Liability Partnership’ where the required partnership numbers should be between two and twenty members. At least one of the partners must be appointed in the capacity to absorb unlimited liability of the company. Although it is required to be registered formally via the Registrar of Companies, there is no mandated need for auditing accounts.


One may argue that the country is not particularly generous towards foreign investors with investment incentives; however, many investors do see the plus side of the low-taxation within the country. Apart from this, companies can benefit from the loans and grants available for investors in high-tech and economic sectors.


Reasons why Cyprus is the perfect location for Tax Planning

They say the secret to saving your taxes, is knowing something the tax inspector doesn’t know. Cyprus having one of the lowest cooperate tax rates at only 12.5% makes it an ideal location. At Cyprus Company Formation our goal is to help you build those business dreams you have been envisioning. Unlike most other tax companies, we want to help our clients as much as possible, by offering honest and realistic advice. Below will list some reasons why choosing Cyprus to invest in, will be great for you.

Since Cyprus is considerate to have the perfect juristic location in the whole of Europe and forms a limited liability company, due to its very attractive tax system. Cyprus now being a member of the EU, we can offer you one of the lowest tax regimes in Europe. Cyprus is ideal for having assets because it presents the same benefits as a traditional offshore jurisdiction can offer. Full exemption on divided income, no capital gain and no withholding tax for dividends paid to non-residents. Cyprus being an established international financial centre, with a net worth of double treaties and further prevalent is an economic and legal infrastructure, plus numerous other advantages.

To start the company off the registrar of companies needs to be consulted to confirm if the name given by the proposed company is acceptable. After the approval of the name, the necessary documentation is prepared and filled out. The documents needed are the memorandum of association, registered address of the directors and secretary, all which is done under our supervision and care, thereby making your workload less and making sure everything goes to plan.

Cyprus also offers clients with personalized packages to suit each individual, making it another reason why many investors prefer us. Assistance is given in finding a company name, certificate of incorporation, memorandum, articles of association, and appointment of the first directors along with anything else the client needs and is expected. The minimum requirement you need to have is a Director, Shareholder and Company Secretary to get started, the rest is detailed along with the consultation

Combined with the many outlets of investment opportunities, the low tax rates and professional services and infrastructure provided, it is not hard to guess why many people look to invest in us. The perfect location, tax treaties and one on one exposure only emphasises why Cyprus is placed amazingly high on the list.

The Benefits and Features of a Cyprus Incorporation

Getting your company incorporated in Cyprus certainly comes with a host of benefits and features. We at Cyprus Company Formation, help you out with the process and give you the necessary information and tools needed to start. With low tax rates, a list of double treaties and being the hub of three continents, it presents many positive attributes.

Key Benefits:

  • Cyprus being a former British colony, the English language is widely spoken and the legal structure is based on its English counterpart, which enables a common law between many Cypriot lawyers because of training received in the United Kingdom.
  • The economy in Cyprus provides vast opportunities, cost effective tax planning and international business ventures.
  • With first class legal and accounting services, convenient airline links with Europe, Asian and the Middle East, makes Cyprus the perfect place to conduct business.
  • Being a leader of international tax jurisdictions makes registering a company in Cyprus smart for protecting your business.
  • In the last ten years international tax planning in Cyprus has increased dramatically.
  • Being a member of the EU, Cyprus has established a reputation for being reliable and legitimate with the lowest tax rates in Europe, all the while having over forty additional tax treaties which will help you with planning.
  • Having a Cyprus incorporation up and running gains you liability and first-hand experience on how everything functions.


Key Features:

  • Gaining information and insight is easy, with the many guild lines and tips provided, getting started is hassle free.
  • Services such as registration, limited liability partnerships, service address, and trademark registration and confirmation statements are just a few of many services we provide.
  • Professional customer support, before and after the registration of a company is provided to each client.
  • If assistance is needed during a certain point, we provide the relevant steps and information via email, online chats or personal telephone calls.
  • A legal team can also be provided if requested by the client, if the process seems confusing or you require some legal advice before investing your money.
  • Advice on management for directors, shareholders, managing directors and secretaries is provided as well, because we want our investors happy and prosperous.
  • We go the extra mile to make sure all our clients get the best of their money’s worth and we assist in helping them fit into the tax systems being used in Cyprus.
  • Information is provided on how to generate a capital is also provided, enabling a smooth flow continues after the investment has been made.


Why Creating a Company in Cyprus is the Right Move for Your Business and Professional Career

There’s no time like the present to make the right choice to move overseas that will benefit not just your professional career, but also your business interest. Have you considered Cyprus as the destination where both aspects could reach its equilibrium? In terms of business, Cyprus appeals to entrepreneurs and businesses that wish to expand their territories in the Mediterranean. It is said to have growing Human Development Index and enjoys it prosperity owing to its diversified economy. Investors in shipping, tourism, and real estate will find that these sectors are the main contributors to its Gross Domestic Product.


The economy of Cyprus is said to be a high – income economy with very high. Cyprus enjoys a prosperous and a diversified economy. Key contributors to the (GDP) of Cyprus are the Shipping industry, the Tourism sector, Property Rental market, and the service sector. In the near future, Cyprus will also look positive for natural gas and oil, after its recent discovery in Aphrodite. If your sights are set on Cyprus as an investment, consider the following as a guide.


As the government supports infrastructure development in the country, you can venture into owning a construction company. Cyprus company formation in tourism can be beneficial as the industry is seen as making great strides in the economy. If you are investing in tourism, you will be able to benefit of the local and international labour force available in the country. If you are an international hotel chain owner or a simple boutique hotel, you can expand within the country of sunny climes all year through.


The economy that’s facing rapid development often need office space rentals, conference and events space, parking lots, and if you have the capital required to build a complex to house these facilities centrally, you are able to recover your capital in a few years. A majority of the universities in Cyprus are taught in English, making it attractive to international students. Education services will be a lucrative field to invest in with other complementary services like admissions and accommodation. Apart from this, investors can thrive on the opportunities available in service and in the field of transport.

There are plenty of opportunities for investors who are looking to advance their professional and business status in diverse areas of shipping, tourism, real estate, telecommunication, and education in Cyrus. The three continents that surround Cyprus, Asia, Africa, and Europe influence with culture, and so far is the third most populated islands in the Mediterranean.

Why people are calling Cyprus a new home of start-ups

There are many reasons for many people to move out of their native nations and move on to the republic of Cyprus. It is always for a better life containing more benefits for you for a better lifestyle. Struggling to get employed has always been a great battle in our lives. But thanks to a generous governance where unemployment benefits are redeemable for your status since not many countries are so kind to their people but you have Cyprus at your back. Which could save you from great life threats which would daunt you.  I am pretty sure the moment you read this you are wondering about a movement up there. The republic of Cyprus also offers you the opportunity to gain education from top leading universities which would help you and your children gain a great future ahead achieving their goals. The University of Cyprus, university of Nicosia, Cyprus International University are some of the top universities there to cater you. Students are sent over to countries far away from their homes leaving their loved ones just to gain a proper decent level of education. Cyprus is here to help you out through this issue by providing the best education for your children. The other ultimate benefit of thinking of moving to Cyprus is because of the incredible and reasonable cost of living which is the key to a successful life. This would keep your life in an easy head start towards the living in Cyprus. You are also able to import your driver’s license in Cyprus which is another great thing which most of the people love. Holiday makers wait years to save a chance to visit the breath taking sights of Cyprus which consist of a beautiful weather condition which would suit any mood of yours. Many people will be glad the foggy unpleasant weather does not visit Cyprus every day. People from all different countries and cultures have settled in the republic of Cyprus due to these above benefits where you too could be able to meet all of these wonderful people and cherish the great benefits and have a happy life. You would also be introduced to starting up your own business or company by getting registrations done leniently through Cyprus company formation. I am pretty sure you would love to come and stay in a brilliant but supportive land like this. Moving to Cyprus has now become the next big thing where we all want to benefit a little or more from their offerings since we all want a great life indeed.